Golf Cart Renewal Registration Form (ID #4382)
Please complete the information below. All fields are required. Someone will contact you with a date / time for your golf cart to be inspected. You must have a valid email address and telephone number, a picture or scan of your Drivers License and a picture or scan of your Proof of Insurance.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
$10 dollar registration fee will need to be mailed to 110 South main street and a decal will be mailed upon reciept or delivered in person and receive the decal same day. payment must be made in cash or cashiers check.
Permits will only be given to golf carts that are insured, license driver, and have all the following safety equipment: (Permits will be placed on the front windshield.) Make sure to bring driver license and insurance card with you at time of inspection.
Headlights & Taillights.
*Headlights should not be illuminated above 36 inches.
Brake Lights.
Once the golf cart is permitted only a license driver 16 years of age or older will be allowed to operate the golf cart on municipal streets. The driver may be checked occasionally to make sure they are of age and licensed.
Inspection and permit must be done yearly and a fee of $10.00 (Cash or Cashier’s check made payable to the City of Opp) will be charged.
Golf Carts can only operate on a municipal street or roadway with a posted speed limit of 25mph or less.
The maximum occupancy of a golf cart shall be the number of occupants the golf cart can seat. No golf cart shall be operated unless all occupants are seated.
Golf Carts operators must adhere to the same laws to the operation of a motor vehicle, without limitation, all laws concerning the operation of a vehicle such as driving under the influence and open container.
Golf Carts shall comply with all “Rules of the Road” as found in title 32 of the Code of Alabama.
No golf cart shall park in a designated handicap parking space unless the driver or at least one passenger has a valid handicap parking permit that is displayed on the cart.
***Officers of the Opp Police Department will stop and enforce laws pertaining to children driving golf carts on municipal streets and the operation of unpermitted carts. See the violation and penalty section of the ordinance for violators.
City of Opp, Alabama