The Electric Department

The Utilities Board of the City of Opp provides electrical services to over 3,200 customers in the City of Opp. The electrical system grid consists of 80+ miles of power line and three substations. The Utilities Board receives its wholesale power from PowerSouth, a generation and transmission cooperative with headquarters in Andalusia, Alabama.

Member of Alabama Public Power Association, Electric Cities, and Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Before reporting an electric service interruption, check to see if your neighbors have electricity.  If so, your home’s electric service panel (fuses or circuit breakers) to see if the electric service interruption is inside the home

Set your thermostat to 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer

Unplug unused electronics

Wash Laundry in cold water

Hang dry your laundry

Turn off unnecessary lights.

 Meter ChargeDemandEnergyWPC AdjTotal Energy
Residential$22.50 n/a $0.06500$0.04$0.10500
Commercial$25.00 n/a $0.08100$0.04$0.12100
Small Industrial       
<50 KW$50.00 $8.00(1st 3,000 kWh)$0.06350$0.04$0.10350
    (Next 12,000 kWh)$0.05250$0.04$0.09250
    (Over 15,000 kWh)$0.05000$0.04$0.09000
Large Industrial       
>50 KW$50.00(1st 100 kW)$8.00(1st 3,000 kWh)$0.06800$0.04$0.10800
  (Over 100 kW)$7.50(Next 12,000 kWh)$0.05700$0.04$0.09700
    (Over 15,000 kWh)$0.05450$0.04$0.09450
Steve Piland
Electric Supervisor
City of Opp, Alabama