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Opp leaders realized long ago that government and businesses working together is good for our community and is vital to our future success. Because of this, Opp has continued to make investments in our schools, higher education, work force development, Opp Industrial Park and the Veteran's Memorial Park. The goal of any small community is to cultivate clean industry that will allow residents to live and work at home.


Contact the Planning to verify the property you are interested in is properly zoned and that you will be allowed to operate your business there. Planning can help you verify if you will be required to make any on-site improvements to bring the property up to current code prior to occupying the building, help verify parking requirements and discuss signage options for your business.

Economic Development

Contact the Economic Development department to see what Opp has to offer and to browse potential building sites.


Contact the City Clerk's Office to complete a business license application.

Additional Resources

Chamber of Commerce

Covington County Economic Development Commission