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Trash Collection

Trash is collected on a fixed route throughout the city from Monday through Friday. Your pickup day can vary from week to week. There is no designated pickup day for any location. Trash should be placed off the street and behind the curb or pavement edge. Trash must be separated into two separate piles, one pile for yard waste and a separate pile for junk. Mixed waste will not be picked until separated.

Trash Collection is done in two separate operations by two different collection vehicles. One unit picks up yard waste only, while the other picks up only junk. Separate pickups are required for these materials because they are disposed of in two different locations.

Yard Waste: consists of limbs (which must be cut into lengths of 8 feet or less), leaves, grass clippings, and other natural yard growth.

Junk: consists of furniture such as couches, bedding and appliances, metal objects, wood, and other "non-hazardous" materials.

The Street Department picks up trash and yard debris placed curbside by citizens in residential areas. Regular household garbage can not be mixed with trash.

Items discarded by commercial contractors doing home improvements,tree services or lawn maintenance, will not be picked up by the Street Department. Residents should make sure that the removal of all discarded materials is included in all price quotes by contractors.

Requests for special, off route, pickup of trash is available for $50.00 per pickup.