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Water & Sewer

5water storage tanks with total capacity of:   1.65 million gallons
6 water wells with total capacity of:   2,816 gallons per minute
Water main length and types:   60 miles of cast/ductile iron
    37 miles of PVC
    5 miles of asbestos cement
    2 miles of other types
Conections to sell to:   Covington County Water Authority
    Kinston Water Authority
Average residential consumption:   5,500 gallons per month


Water meter readings are collected through the same AMR system as the Electric meters, which means that the readings are the most accurate possible. The AMR system allows us to see when a customer has a leak, when it started and when the leak stopped. There are several other reports available that helps us manage our customers’ water habits, consumption changes, and meter tampering.

Member of the Alabama Rural Water Association, the American Water Works Association, and the Society of Water Professionals.

Sewer Facts

Did you know...?There are 27 lift stations located in various areas of town?That sewer usage is billed based on your water consumption?

Please read the following documents for information about:

Eliminating fats, oils, and grease from our sewers
Preventing backups in city sewers