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Around Opp

As you drive around downtown Opp, you will observe several historic buildings that currently house a variety of retail businesses, many of whom are committed members of our local chamber of commerce.  You will also take notice of Opp City Hall in all its glory and our esteemed and respected Opp Police Department located directly across the street.  You won't have to look far to see the Opp Fire Department with its shiny red trucks ready to "hop into action" at any given time.  If you head south on Main Street, you will most certainly take notice of the majestic and historic L & N Depot; this building, although recently renovated, still reflects the history of the long-gone railway system that once ran through Opp.  The Opp and Covington County Area Chamber of Commerce is thankful and blessed to have its office located within the depot.  As you meander the streets of Opp, you will most likely find yourself in the midst of the area where the old cotton mills once stood so proudly, cotton mills that provided steady work and income to a multitude of Opp residents.  Many who worked in these cotton mills also lived in the area surrounding the cotton mills, an area affectionately referred to as "Cotton Mill Village."  If you head north of Opp, you will probably venture into Lake Frank Jackson State Park where you will stand amazed at the beauty and ambience of the lake and the woods bordering the lake---truly breathtaking!!!  If you decide you need a bite to eat, you won't be hungry long since Opp boasts many "eateries" that serve delectable food.  From Benton's Snack Bar to The Opp Donut Shop (and all those in between), you can't go wrong!  If history is "your game," you can spend some time in the Carey Philip Stanley Historical House and glean new knowledge from the Historical Society members who volunteer their time to preserve the history of Opp for the sake of posterity.  Need the latest local news, just drop by Pujol Print to pick up the latest edition of The Opp News or The Andalusia Star News or tune in to WAMI 102.3 or WOPP 1290 (AM); you'll be both informed and entertained.  There are a myriad of other spectacular things "around Opp," too many to write about, but don't fret because the folks of Opp are among Alabama's finest, and they'll gladly share some ice cream with you or a cup of coffee and tell you all about this city---their city...The City of OPPortunity!!!


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