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Who We Are

The Opp and Covington County Area Chamber of Commerce is under the direction of a Board of Directors which is comprised of 18 directors elected by the membership of the chamber.  The Board of Directors meets once a month to discuss pressing needs and plan events and activities.  The purpose of this chamber is to serve, protect, and promote the existing businesses, organizations, and residents of Opp and encourage businesses, industries, and residents to locate in our city.  Our local chamber has collaborated with the City of Opp to create a strategic business plan that will serve as a "map" to guide us to achieve our goals, goals that are aligned with the needs of the city and its residents.  We are proud of our many loyal and committed members: business members, club or oganization members, and individual members.  Without our members, we would not exist.  Wihtout our members, we would have no purpose.  Without our members, we would be unable to sponsor events and activities for the city of Opp.  Our members are the "backbone" of our chamber.  For these reasons, we highly encourage you to support our members by shopping Opp.  When you "Shop Opp," you are not only supporting local businesses, you are supporting our city!!!

Downtown Opp

Photo is courtesy of Amanda Henderson at Cultivate Create.